Startable shared a neat and simple framework on how to make a great business plan pitch. It gives tips on how to write and organize a business plan. It shows what marketing data VCs are looking for in the business plan.

Quick summary of the post:

  1. Passion - training and training will lead to a passionate pitch.
  2. Simple, Short and Concise - grab your audience attention in less than 10 minutes.
  3. Pictures are worth a thousand words – avoid putting all of your business plan in one slide: use images instead.
  4. Convey what your business is in 90 seconds – tell your audience what you are offering to the market in the first 90 seconds.
  5. Keep text in a slide to no more than three lines – don’t put all of your business plan on one slide!
  6. Target market and market size – who you are selling to?
  7. Marketing - how are you going to sell to those people?
  8. Competition – list 3 competitors, why you are better than them, and your barriers to entry.
  9. Product - what makes your product unique? Do you have any IP?
  10. Revenue potential – project and assume with pride, don’t be too consevative or creative.
  11. Costs - identify cost and provide scalability savings.
  12. Team - why is your team the best to run this business?