Who Am I? Chim Kan

Quick introduction of Chim Kan from personal stories to professional aspirations.

Who Am I? Chim Kan

My name is Chim Kan.

Long story short, I was born in Hong Kong but I grew up and lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil for over 26 years. Then, I immigrated to Canada in 2011 where I live in the economic capital city of Canada, Toronto.

I speak seven languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Cantonese; a little bit of Mandarin, Spanish and Swedish.

Currently, I work in three jobs. One in the Furniture Retail industry doing Digital Transformation and implementation of Marketing Automation with Marketing Cloud from Salesforce and the other job is in the Fintech area where I'm creating a platform to make "Factoring - Invoice Purchasing" easier, faster and traceable and creating the Product Management team from scratch. The last one: writing to my blog in a constant and steady way - brining interesting point of views and sharing with you, things that I learned so far.

Before those jobs, I held different positions in many different companies and industries. My hats ranged from Product Management to Innovation but always leveraging my technology-digital-business background. I worked in small and big companies; from start-ups to huge companies like Google, Anheuser-Busch, etc. My latest jobs blend leadership/executive work with highly technical things such as technical product management for innovative products to building teams and new teams.

In my spare time, I'm reading news voraciously (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Hacker News, Financial Times, South China Morning Post, Reddit, CBC, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Stats, etc.), doing gym and thinking a lot.

Thanks for reading my first blog post!



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