An issue with Rails ActionText with Rails_Admin

I just started using Rails 7 Action Text and I was pleasantly surprised with rich text editor. Not only it's easy to install but also it comes with many features out of the box.

  • You can upload images and files without touching ActiveStorage
  • You can attach the rich_text content into any model you have

In general, you will not find any issues with ActionText, unless if you want to use it with Rails_admin.

You will receive an error when you try to access the model that contains a rich_text element in the Rails_admin.

For now, this is a quick fix:

Change the file app/views/active_storage/blobs/_blob.html.erb :

Swap the image that you have there to:

<%= image_tag polymorphic_url(blob.representation(resize_to_limit: local_assigns[:in_gallery] ? [ 800, 600 ] : [ 1024, 768 ]), script_name: nil) %>

Then you have to add a variable into the "if blob.representable?" like this:

 <% if blob.representable? && @not_rails_admin %>

Finally go to app/controllers/application_controller.rb :

  def not_rails_admin
    @not_rails_admin = true

Add the method above.

Then go to your posts_controller.rb or any other controller and add:

  before_action :not_rails_admin

The idea is to tell Rails that when you are not running Rails_admin, you should run the blurb code. If it detects that it is running Rails_admin, it should not display the blurb that gives the error.

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