Top 10 Tips to Talk to Engineers as a Product Manager

  1. Gain respect from the devs by communicating what you know and what you don't know
  2. Use direct communication language, avoid style where you show off or that you are doing a favor for them (it sad that a lot of PMs give a whiff of know-it-all/bossy)
  3. Make it clear what you exactly want from them.
  4. Only talk to them when needed; they usually hate wasting time in endless, goalless meetings.
  5. Review what Product Owners do, review how to build your product scope, translate them into Epics and User stories, and try and create some acceptance criteria.
  6. When devs start programming, they will face ambiguities in your scope, know how to solve them by making a quick decision or defer; learn how to defend your decision.
  7. Don't underestimate them.
  8. Prepare your meetings and supporting materials before meeting with them.
  9. Show interest in their ideas.
  10. You are not the boss of them; the CTO is.

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