What’s the latest market valuation for Facebook? [2009-05]

What’s the latest market valuation for Facebook? [2009-05]

Facebook valuation again!

Some highlights :

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg just had a board-level conversation about possibly accepting money at a $4 billion valuation, but decided against doing so…

Also, the company has more than $200 million in the bank, which is enough to cover its costs for up to two years…

TechCrunch says it hears Facebook also received investment offers from two private equity firms that value the company at $2 billion. However, Facebook internally is valuing itself at $4 billion. And if Zuckerberg rejected the $4 billion offer, he’s certainly not going to be interested in a $2 billion offer…

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So, it seems that the $15 billion valuation of Facebook was certainly overrated when reviewed from May 2009 perspective.


One potential investor submitted a term sheet for a valuation in the neighborhood of $2 billion.

Facebook stock trades privately at a $2-3 billion valuation. When the ConnectU vs. Facebook legal spat was settled, Facebook valued itself around $3.7 billion.

Zuckerberg is adamant about rejecting investment cash at a valuation he considers too low. When Facebook took a $240 million stake from Microsoft in November 2007, the investment was at a $15 billion valuation. Since then, it’s become clear that it was a preferred-stock deal and that Facebook’s true valuation has never been that high. It sure sounds like wishful thinking on Zuckerberg’s part.

It was long before the massive Microsoft stake, after all, that Yahoo offered to buy the social network for $1 billion.

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