E-Signature 2021 Pricing for API

E-Signature 2021 Pricing for API

E-Signature services are commodities today. Obviously, you can be concerned about branding, reliability and many other parameters, but still, they are commodities.

From the famous 4Ps of the Marketing framework (Positioning, Pricing, Product and Promotion), it is hard to justify "Enterprise Pricing" today. I believe a company like DocuSign has Positioning and Promotion in a strong position to charge more for brand equity. But as a client, understanding that dynamic, I prefer to focus on Product and Pricing, value-based analysis.

In a nutshell, I want something easy to use, easy to sign up and affordable. I know some B2B salesperson will mention scale, but all those technologies use a similar tech stack, probably something like AWS, so they can scale as much as they want to. Then, once you put all vendors on one page, you can easily choose whom to go for.

Bonus Thought: if you don't have the same brand strength as Adobe nor DocuSign, but you are charging like them, you might want to have an excellent reason for that.

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Enterprise Pricing is just an indicator that it's going to be more expensive.

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