Quick Review of the Privacy Level for Most Popular Messenger Apps in 2021

Quick Review of the Privacy Level for Most Popular Messenger Apps in 2021

Starting from the app that requires the most to the lowest at the bottom:

Facebook Messenger
WeChat (it has something extra called "identifier")
Whatsapp (part of the Facebook family of apps)
FaceTime (from Apple and it's part of iMessage)
Signal (the only app that does NOT capture data linked to you)

Bonus: Instagram captures even more material linked to you than Facebook Messenger!

As a Product Manager in the Fintech space, I would be a hypocrite to use this to shame Facebook. At the end of the day, in my industry, we capture as much financial information about an individual to make a loan decision as an example. Who wants to lend money to someone who is not going to pay you back?

Mobile trading, online banking, and many other Fintech apps capture much information that definitely impacts people's lives. Imagine being rejected for a mortgage application? How about not getting your student loan?

In the end, based on messenger apps, we have a range of what is possible. Some apps capturing much information required to operate that app, and some others requiring minimally to work. Perhaps, that can also be applied in the Fintech space. The Minimum Viable Data required?

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